Terms of use

The Rules of the Website elearning.tamed.global”

§ 1

Initial Provisions. 

  1. These Rules specify the grounds for use of the website under the address: www.elearning.tamed.global.
  2. Each User is obliged to adhere to the provisions of the Rules. Before creating an Account on the Website, carefully read the Rules.
  3. The Rules and any annexes and appendices thereto constituting their integral part as well as legal regulations applicable in the territory of the Republic of Poland shall be the sole source of law and obligations of the Website Users and the Publisher.
  4. The Rules shall apply to all and any Website services, unless special provisions of separate regulations applicable to specific services, available on the sites of respective services, provide for otherwise.

§ 2


Any time the following expressions and definitions are referred to in these Rules, they should be understood as follows:

Rules – these “Rules of the Website elearning.tamed.global”, constituting the rules as provided for in the act of 18 July 2002 on rendering online services (Journal of Laws No. 144 item 1204), defining the rules of rendering online services by the Publisher to the Users.

Website – the website available at the domain fibaro.com, and sub-domains and sub-sites of this website.

User – a natural person, aged 18+, being a contractor of Fibar Group S.A., using the Website, who successfully creates an Account on the Website by being assigned a Login and password allowing said person to sign in to the Account (registration on the Website)

Account – a space on the Website made available to respective Users after signing in (providing Login and password), intended for use of the functionalities of the Website.

Login – individual and unique User name on the Website selected by the User while creating (registering) an Account on the Website;

Publisher – Fibar Group S.A., with the registered seat in Poznan, at ul. Lotnicza 1, 60-421 Poznan, entered into the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000553265, kept by the District Court Poznan Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznan, 8th Commercial Department, REGON 301595664, NIP 7811858097, share capital 1,063,850.00 PLN paid in full

§ 3

Basic information and technical conditions of use of the Website

  1. The principal object of activity of the Website is to allow the Users to get acquainted, acquire and consolidate knowledge through the Internet and to obtain a certificate confirming possession of specialised knowledge on the devices produced and services rendered by Fibar Group S.A. based in Poznan.
  2. The Website allows the Users to become acquainted with Fibar Group S.A. devices and services through operation manuals, illustrations and instruction videos contained therein. Materials concerning respective devices or services are grouped into the so called “lessons”.
  3. To use the services of the Website it is required to have the equipment allowing the use of the Internet resources, an e-mail account and a browser allowing displaying WWW sites (the use of the latest version of web browsers with enabled the “cookies” functionality is recommended). Proper use of video services rendered on the Website, shall require the use of the following software: Web Browser supporting Adobe Flash Player version 11 or higher.
  4. Proper functioning of the Website, its proper displaying in the Internet browser as well as the safety of User’s data saved on the User’s Account shall depend on meeting all the technical conditions of use of the Website by the User. If the User does not meet the above requirements, the Publisher will not be held liable for any damages suffered by the User in case the Website does not function properly.
  5. The Website is based on cookies technology. The principles of use of cookie files by the Administrator have been included in the Privacy Policy available at www.fibaro.com/en/privacy-policy.
  6. Notifications concerning the use of the Website will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the User in the registration form. The User is obliged to provide a valid and correct e-mail address.
  7. Any use of the services on the Website by the User that infringes common legal regulations, may result in civil or criminal prosecution. Upon request of the authorized organs of the state and, for the purpose of proceedings conducted by them, the Publisher will disclose any particulars of the Users that may be at his disposal.

§ 4

Registration on the Website, personal details and deletion of the User Account

  1. Registration on the Website is voluntary and free of charge.
  2. Registration on the Website may be done by a natural person aged 18 and above, being a contractor of Fibar Group S.A. who after accepting the Rules, completes the registration procedure and successfully creates an Account.
  3. To register on the Website, the User has to meet the technical requirements specified under § 3 and have access to his or her e-mail box.
  4. One person may have only one Account on the Website. It is not allowed to make the Account accessible to others.
  5. Registration on the Website is tantamount to the acceptance of the Rules, Privacy Policy and consent to User’s personal data being processed by the Publisher.
  6. Providing personal details is voluntary. In order to correctly create an Account it is required to provide the following personal details in the registration form:
    • user name
    • e-mail address
    • first name
    • surname
    • telephone number
    • name of the company
    • address of the company’s website
    • size of the company (to be selected from the drop-down list)
    • branch of the company (to be selected from the drop-down list)
    • address of the company
  7. After filling in the Registration form and submitting it, the Publisher decides on creating a User Account. The Publisher may refuse to create an Account without stating the reasons. The Publisher’s decision on creating a User Account is confirmed by an e-mail communication sent to the address provided on the registration form with a request to confirm registration. The confirmation is confirmed by clicking the link contained in the e-mail body. This concludes the process of registration of a User Account.
  8. Personal details of the Website Users will be processed by the Publisher for the purpose of rendering services within the Website, and in legally justified actions of the Publisher, i.e. direct marketing of the Publisher’s goods or products, and provided that the User expressed a separate consent – for marketing purposes (other than direct marketing of the Publisher’s own products or services), pursuant to the acts of 18 July 2002 on rendering online services (Journal of Laws No. 144 item 1204) and of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101 item 926). Personal data is administered by the Publisher.
  9. User shall be entitled to browse and to amend his or her personal data. Issues which are not covered by these Rules and pertaining to the Users’ personal data protection are specified in the document “Privacy Policy” – available on the Website at www.fibaro.com/en/privacy-policy. User’s consent to personal data processing and receiving from the Publisher, to the e-mail address made available to the User, commercial information from the Publisher or any of its contractors, may be withdrawn at any time. Consent withdrawal may happen by e-mail sent to the address elearning@fibaro.com or in writing sent to the address of the Publisher specified above in these Rules.
  10. A User may at any time request that his or her Account be deleted from the Website. Such request should be sent by e-mail to the Publisher to the address: elearning@fibaro.com.
  11. Deletion of User’s Account or withdrawal of User’s consent to process personal data provided in the registration form results in further rendering of the service impossible.
  12. If the Publisher discovers that the User is in breach of the provisions of the Rules, the Publisher is entitled to block the Account or respective services of the Website. At the same time the Publisher sends an e-mail correspondence to the address provided by the User stating the reasons why the Account or respective services have been blocked, the period for which such Account or service is to be blocked and the information that if the breach of the Rules happens again, the User’s Account will be deleted from the Website without any further notice. The Publisher will unblock the Account or other services after the expiry of the specified deadline as indicated in the e-mail notice.
  13. The Publisher shall also be entitled to delete User’s Account if:
  14. the User has not signed in the Website once over the period of 12 months since the last sign in;
  15. the User has more than one Account – in such case all Accounts of that User may be deleted;
  16. the User does not accept the changes in the Rules introduced by the Publisher;
  17. the User takes actions which may, even indirectly, show features of interference with the Website’s structure to which such User has no access, or through his or her actions that the functioning of the Website is destabilised, regardless of the method or technique applied to execute the above mentioned illegal actions.

§ 5

Multimedia content available on the Website

  1. All rights to the Website published by the Publisher are reserved to the Publisher, and the rights to the respective text, graphic elements, pictures, audio-visual materials, applications and databases are reserved to the Publisher. Both the Website and any of its elements shall be protected by Polish and international law, including in particular the provisions of the act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and similar rights, the act of 27 July 2001 on databases protection and the act of 16 April 1993 on combating unfair competition.
  2. The use of text, graphics, pictures, audio-visual materials, applications and databases and other elements contained on the Website does not imply that Users are granted any intangible rights to the works or databases contained therein. It is particularly forbidden to: a) perform, for commercial purposes: copies, modifications and to transmit online or otherwise the Website or any part thereof, or respective works or databases made available on the sites, b) disseminate the works displayed on the Website, c) download databases and use them as a whole or any significant part, as to the contents of volume, thereof. If the User intends to use any element of the Website, as specified above, he or she should seek prior written consent of the Publisher.
  3. The use of the Website’s elements is only admissible within the permitted use, as provided for by the act on copyright and similar rights or the act on databases protection, and such use should not violate any normal use of the work or a database nor harm legal interest of the Publisher.

§ 6


Any complaints concerning the services referred to in the Rules should be sent by e-mail to: elearning@fibaro.com or in writing to the Publisher’s address specified above in these Rules. The Publisher will investigate the complaint within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt thereof. Reply to the complaint will be sent to the address indicated by the complainant.

§ 7

Changes to the Rules

The Publisher reserves the right to introduce changes to the Rules for important reasons, i.e.: change of the applicable legal regulations, resulting in the fact that respective provisions of the Rules become contrary to the absolutely applicable legal regulations; change of the Website’s functionality, whose purpose is to facilitate the use of the Website by the Users, and such change requires the change of the Rules; or introduction of new functions of the Website, which require changes to the Rules; or technically justified change of functionality or introduction of new functionality whose purpose is to improve operation of the Website and which requires the change of the Rules. Any changes to the Rules for reasons specified in the preceding sentence will be introduced to the extent they are justified by the reasons for introducing the same. The Publisher shall notify the Users of all and any changes of the Rules by publishing them 1 week prior to the changes taking effect, on the Website where the Rules, in the version applicable prior to the changes, were published.

§ 8

The place of publication of the Rules

The Rules are available free of charge on the Website, in the form that allows for their downloading, saving and printing. Moreover the Rules are also available in printed form at: Fibar Group S.A., ul. Lotnicza 1, 60-421 Poznań.